Facilities Refurbishment

I am thrilled to confirm that our Facilities Refurbishment project has been approved and will soon be going to tender! Our School Council, architects, Victorian School Building Authority and the Department of Education have collaborated to develop and build this refurbished facility for our children as a result of a $1.4m grant from our State Government. The building works form part of a plan that seeks to provide for our children, an evolving and improving physical school environment that will add to their experiences at Belvedere Park Primary School.


Here are some facts about the project:

• The four classrooms currently accommodating year 3/4 at the western end of the main building will be gutted, expanded and redesigned to make them larger and provide greater opportunity for flexible learning. Each room will have sinks and a wet area.

• The corridor through the year 3/4 area will be widened at the centre to provide more learning space. While the lower corridor walls will be solid, it will have glass walls to allow great supervision all round.

• The two old toilet blocks will be demolished and the areas in which they stood, landscaped for use by the children.

• Three new mini toilet blocks will be built in locations within our current buildings, close to the 3/4 classrooms, the 1/2 classrooms and the Art room.

• The current undercover area at the western end of the main building will be reduced in width to accommodate the enlarged classrooms. The remaining section will be converted into an enclosed indoor/outdoor area. The size and configuration of this area is dependent on the funds remaining at the end of the construction of the main project components.


There is a display with additional plans and artwork in the corridor outside the staffroom so please have a look when next you are in the school. Stay tuned for more as we move towards a start date!

These are exciting times for Belvy!