Belvedere Park Primary School

Genuine learning opportunities in an inclusive environment

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Vision and Mission

Belvedere Park Primary School’s vision is to provide high-quality education and prepare our students to become active, engaged and responsible citizens of the local and wider community.

Our mission is to prepare students to contend with a very dynamic 21st century in which creativity, cooperative work, connectedness to the world and adaptability are key features. The school aspires to provide a contemporary approach to teaching and learning in its purposeful learning environment.

School Pledge

We are standing here with people we care for and respect
We will be kind and helpful to everyone
We will keep ourselves safe
We will remember our school, friends and achievements when we leave
So up there for Belvedere in the blue and gold!

School Captains

Our school captains for 2020 are Jada-Lee and Kane (pictured above). The role of our School Captains is to be ambassadors for our school and to provide a student leadership face for Belvedere Park Primary School.

Junior School Council

The Junior School Council is another area of opportunity for students to experience leadership, and have input into the development, of our school.

Two children from each class from Year 1 to Year 6 are elected by their peers for a 12-month term of office. The School Captains are automatically included and are expected to lead the JSC meetings as part of their leadership role. The Foundation children are represented by the Year 6 and 5 children.

The Junior School Council meets once per month and is chaired by Miss Ferris. They discuss any issues raised by the children of the various classes, as well as performing a range of mainly social activities around the school.